Afghani Kebabs Recipes

Afghani Kebabs  Recipes


1.       Chicken                     1/2 kg

2.       Kebab masala          1 tbsp

3.       Red chilli powder       1 tsp

4.       Salt                               1 tsp

5.       Ginger/garlic paste    1 tbsp

6.       Yogurt                          2 tbsp                          

7.       Oil                               as required

8.       Sticks                         as required       


Method Afghani Kebabs Recipes

·         Mix red chilli power, salt, ginger/garlic paste, kebab masala and yogurt in a bowl

·         Cut 1 inch pieces of chicken and with the help of tissues dab them dry

·         Put chicken pieces in the masala and leave to marinate for 1 hour

·         Skewer the chicken pieces on sticks

·         Heat 1 tbsp oil in a frying pan and fry the sticks in it

·         Add a little more oil after a while and turn the sticks to cook from the other side

·         Delicious Afghani Kebabs are ready to be served

·         To make kebab masala, take equal quantities of fennel seeds, green cardamoms,

·         cloves bay leaves and cinnamon. Fry and finely grind them; store in refrigerator






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