Baba Ganoush Recipes


Baba Ganoush


Eggplant                                1

Garlic                                   3 cloves

Tahini sauce                        4 tbsp

Lemon juice                        4tbsp

Parsley (chopped)             ½ cup

Paprika powder                 1 tbsp

Olive oil                              4 tbsp

Salt                                     to taste

Red capsicums

(finely sliced)                      for garnishing

Method Baba Ganoush Recipes

Coat eggplant with oil and cook over flame or in an oven till its skin burns.

 Let it cool and then remove the skin with a fork cut it into small pieces.

Crush garlic cloves with salt in a bowl Add eggplant and mash them together

Blend tahini sauce and lemon juice in a blender.

Layer a dish with eggplant mix sprinkle olive oil tahini sauce and paprika powder over it.

Garnish with capsicum and parsley.


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