Dhaka Chicken

Dhaka Chicken


Drumsticks                  8

Lemons                        2    

Onion                          1           

Garlic                          3 cloves   

Ginger                         1 inch piece         

Salt                               to taste   

Oil                             for frying

Method Dhaka Chicken Recipes

Marinate drumsticks with salt and lemon juice for 2 hours

 Heat oil in a wok and fry drumsticks till they change colour.

 Put ginger, garlic and sliced onion with 1/2 cup water in the blender andblend well.

Sieve this mixture, pressing it down so that all the water is drained.

Keep the water and throw away the pulp

When drumsticks turn golden, add onion water to them.

When all the water has dried, take the pieces out on paper towels

 Delicious Dhaka Chicken is ready.





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