Mince Filled Bitter Gourd

 Mince Filled Bitter Gourd


Mince                                           ½ Kg

Bitter gourds                                ½ Kg

Onions (finely sliced)                  3

Turmeric powder                        1 tsp

Ginger/garlic paste                     1 tbsp

 Red chili powder                       1 tbsp

Onion seeds                                 1 tsp

Fennel seeds                                1 tap

Salt                                               to taste

Jiggery                                         1 tbsp

Tamarind pulp                              3 tbsp

Lemons                                          2

Green chilies                                  4

Curry leaves                                   few

Oil                                                  1 cup

Method Mince Filled Bitter Gourd Recipes

Peel whole bitter gourds cut them from the middle and DE seed them Rub ½ tbsp jigger ½ tsp turmeric powder and salt on bitter gourds.  Leave for 20 minutes and then wash them thoroughly

Heat oil in a pot and fry onions till they turn transparent. Add mince ginger garlic ½ tsp turmeric powder red chilli powder salt onion seeds curry leaves fennel seeds lemon juice and green chillies in the pot and fry well

Fill bitter gourds with half the fried mince and bind them with a thread. Fry them in a frying pan Add fried bitter gourds in the pot with mince along with 1/2 tbsp jigger, and tamarind pulp and keep on Dum for 10 minutes

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