Pizza Sandwich

Pizza Sandwich


    Refined flour                                     ½ Kg

     Yeast                                                 1 Sachet

     Sugar                                               ½ Tsp

     Baking powder                              2Tsp

     Salt                                                  To test

Ingredients for pizza topping

 Boneless chicken (boiled)                      1 Cup     

Onions (finely sliced)                               2

Tomato (de-seeded & finely sliced)      1

Capsicum (de-seeded & finely sliced)   1

 Mushrooms (finely sliced)                     ½ Cup

Black olives (finely sliced)                       ½ Cup

 Mozzarella cheese (grated)                   400 Groms

Pizza sauce                                                  1 Cup

Eggs (beaten)                                               2

Method Pizza Sandwich Recipes

Mix yeast and sugar in luke warm water leave for 15 minutes Mix salt, baking powder and yeast in refined flour and knead into dough  Set it aside for 4 hours  Knead dough once more and separate it into two portions. Make rotis  from both  Grease a pizza dish and set one of the  rotis  in it

Spread sauce over the roti and arrange a layer of the following: olives, capsicum, tomato, mushrooms, chicken, and onions.

Put egg on the edges and place the other roti on top Press it down so that it sets

Brush the roti with the remaining egg.  Pizza Sandwich should be kept in a preheated oven for 15 minutes before being removed.

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