Vegetable Koftas

Vegetable Koftas Recipes


Ingredients for Kostas                             

Potatoes (boiled)                         4              

 Peas (peeled)                             ½ cup         

Dill (chopped)                            1 bunch

Carrot (grated)                             1

Lemons                                        2     

Roasted & ground                               

Cumin seeds                              1tsp

Ground black pepper                 1tsp

 Green chilies (chop                  4

Mint leaves (choppe                 1/2bunch

Salt                                               to taste

Egg whites                                    2

Rice flour                                     2tbsp

Oil                                                 as required

Ingredients for curry


(Finely sliced & fried)                    2

 Ginger/garlic paste                      1 tbsp

Red chili powder                           1 tbsp

Turmeric powder                          1tsp

Hot spices powder                         1 tsp

Coriander powder                          2 tbsp

Yogurt                                              ½ cup

Coriander leaves

(Chopped)                                 ½ bunch

Oil                                                1 cup

Salt                                              to taste

Green chilies

(Finely sliced)                             6

Methodb Vegetable Koftas Recipes

Peel potatoes and mash them with a fork finely mash peas and carrot and add them to the

Potatoes add all the measles vegetables lemon juice and rice flour in potatoes

 Make kaftans from this mixture

Heat oil in a wok. Dip Kostas in egg whites and fry them.

For curry heat oil in a pot fry onions and take them out on paper towels

Crush the fried onions and mix them in yogurt

 Add red chili powder coriander powder  

Turmeric powder salt and ginger/garlic

 Fry a little Place Kostas in the gravy and shake the pot a little

 Add 1 cup water in the pot

After keeping on Dum for a while, add hot spices powder

Coriander leaves and green chilies. Serve hot with nanas

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