Afghani Curry Recipes

Afghani Curry


Mutton with fat                         1 Kg

Onions (finely sliced)                2

Peppercorns                              1 Tsp

Green Cardamoms                    4

Whole cumin seeds                  1 Tsp

Green chillies                            6          

Turmeric powder                      ½ Tsp

Ginger/garlic paste                   1 Tbsp

Stock                                         2 Cups

Salt                                            ½ Tsp

Hot spices powder                    ½ Tsp

Oil                                            4 Tbsp

Method Afghani Curry Recipes

Cook meat in 4 glasses of water for 2 hours on low flame. When meat is tender and half the water is left, turn off the flame. Heat oil in a pot; fry onions brown and take them out. Add cardamoms and cumin seeds to the onions and coarsely grind them. Put 0ni0n mixture, turmeric p0wder, pepperc0rns, ginger/garlic paste and salt in a pot and fry. Add meat and fry a bit more. Add stock and green chillies to the pot and cook for another ½ hour. Sprinkle hot spices powder, and serve.

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