Delicious Chicken With Salad Leaves

Delicious Chicken With Salad Leaves Recipes


1 inch chicken pieces             2 cups      

Lemon juice                           3 tbsp

Carrots (boiled)                      1/2 cup        

Ginger paste                           1 tsp          

Mixed herbs                            1 tsp         

Ground black pepper              1/2 tsp               

Spring onions (chopped)         1/2 cup                 

Garlic paste                             1 tsp         

Peas (boiled)                           1/2 cup      

Mustard seeds                          1 tsp                   

Salt                                          to taste   

Oil                                           1 tbsp

Tomato (chopped)                   1      

Salad leaves                            1 bunch    

Method Chicken With Salad Leaves Recipes

 Put chicken pieces, garlic ginger mixed herbs, salt, black pepper and lem0n juice in a b0wl. Mix well.

 Heat 0il in a w0k and fry mustard seeds in it.

Add chicken t0 the wok and c0ok till it bec0mes tender. Add peas, spring 0nions and carrots. Fry for 5 minutes. Place salad leaves in a dish; arrange chicken 0n top. Garnish with tomatoes and serve

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