Meat Loaf

meat loaf recipe


Minced beef (finely ground)        1 kg

Breadcrumbs                                 1½ cup

Cream                                              1/2 cup

Eggs                                                   2

Onions (chopped)                          1/2 cup

Ginger/garlic paste                        2 tbsp  

Green chillies (chopped)               2

Crushed black pepper                     1 tsp

Butter                                                2 tbsp

Salt                                                 to taste

Tomatoes, lemon and salad leaves               for garnishing

Method meat loaf songs

 Mix mince, onions, ginger/garlic, black pepper, green chillies, salt, butter, eggs, cream and breadcrumbs in a bowl and set aside for 2 hours.

Grease small cake mould. Put mixture into mould and press withhands. Bake on 180°C in a pre heated 0ven for 20 minutes. Invert meat loaf in dish.

Garnish delicious Meat Loaf with tomatoes, lemon and salad leaves.


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