Orange Mousse Cake

Orange Mousse Cake Recipes


Butter                             3/4 cup

Sugar                             3/4 cup      

Eggs                               4

Cocoa powder               1 tbsp

Refined flour                1 ¾  cup

Chocolate (melted)      50 grams

Ingredients for orange mousse

Egg yolks                           2

Sugar                                4 tbsp

Tangerine juice                3/4 CUP

Gelatin                             2 tbsp

Water                               3 tbsp                     

Cream                             1 cup

Tangerine slices           for garnishing

Method Orange Mousse Cake

Beat buter sugar and eGgs with an elctric beater. Add c0c0a flour and ch0colate, and whisk m0re. Set mxture in a r0und pan and co0k for 40 mnutes in a pre heated 0ven 0n 180°C. Co0l on wire rack when ready

To make orange mousse whisk egg y0lk tangerine juice and sugar until light. Mix gelatin in water and warm it in a microwave for 30 seconds

And stir into the mixture.

Whip cream until smooth f0ld into the m0usse and let it c00l. When cake is cooled, cut it breadth-wise into 2 layers.

P0ur the c0ld mousse on t0p of one layer press the sec0nd layer 0n it and let it chill for 3 h0urs in a fridge till it sets. Garnish with slices of tangerine and serve.


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