Sheer Khurma

sheer khurma pakistani recipe


Milk                                        1 kg                     

Dried dates                            8         

Pistachios                              15     

Cloves                                    2

Clarified butter                    2 tbsp          

Vermicelli                              1 cup              

Almonds                                12

Green cardamoms                 6

Sugar                                       2 cup

Method sheer khurma recipe

Crush the vermicelli. Rem0ve skins fr0m almonds and pistachios and cut finely. Crush green cardam0ms.

De seed dried dates and cut int0 4 pieces each.  Heat clarified butter in a p0t and fry cloves and cardamoms. When they give off ar0ma, add vermicelli and fry for a few sec0nds. Add dry fruits and remove after frying.  C00k milk and sugar t0gether in a p0t.  Add vermicelli and dry fruit when the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from flame after cooking f0r a few minutes.


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