Vegetable Chilli

Cegetable Chilli Recipe


Big green chillies                              8

Tomatoes (finely sliced)                  375 Grams

Potatoes (finely sliced)                   2

Peas                                                  1 Cup

Carrots (finely sliced)                    2

 Turmeric powder                         ½ Tsp

Red chilli powder                         2 Tsp

Coriander powder                        1 Tsp

Bay leaves                                      2

Salt                                                 ½ Tsp

Oil                                                   ½ Tsp

Masala for filling green chillies

Coriander powder                       1 Tbsp

Chat Masala                                 1 Tbsp

Fennel seeds                                1 Tbsp

Red chilli powder                        1 Tbsp

Sugar                                             1 Tsp

Salt                                                ½ Tsp

Tamarind pulp                             4 Tbsp

Method recipe for vegetable chilli con carne

 Heat oil in a pot and fry vegetables in it

Add red chilies salt coriander powder bay leaves and turmeric powder Fry well

 Add 1 cup water in the pot c0ver with a lid and let to c0ok for 10 minutes.

Mix coriander powder chat masala fennel seeds salt red chillies, sugar and tamarind pulp in a bowl.

 Slice green chillies lengthwise from the center and fill them with tamarind masala. Keep filled chillies on top of the vegetables and keep on dum for 5 minutes.

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